Our Alumni

“Every child is a story yet to be told, and with your support, we are writing chapters of success, hope, and limitless potential.”
Our alumni students have exemplified this journey, overcoming numerous hardships to achieve remarkable success. Through resilience and determination, they have navigated challenges, excelled in their careers, pursued higher education, and contributed meaningfully to their communities. Their stories of triumph inspire current students to dream big and persevere. The support system from our well wishers has played a crucial role in their achievements, fostering an environment where talent can thrive.

Passang Tamang – Passang, a hard-working alumnus from the batch of 2016-2017, is now working as a Front Office Manager at Hermitage Resort, one of the reputed hotels in Darjeeling. He embarked on his industrial training at Hotel Raddison Green, Hyderabad, where he mastered the art of communicating and dealing with guests. After dedicating six months to this hotel, he was first employed at Windamere Hotel, where he further polished his skills as a hotelier. Every year, he takes time to advise the outgoing FCI batch who are beginning their journey of industrial training across India.

Kiran Mainali – Kiran, an alumnus of KBM who started his hostel days from 2003 right till 2014, is also an exceptional example of hardwork and dedication who is successfully running 2 hotels at Darjeeling. He studied in Darjeeling Govt. High School till Class 8 where he completed his further studies from St. Robert’s H.S. School.

Prasil Chettri – Prasil Chettri, also a product of KBM resided at KBM from 2006 to 2013, and attended St. Robert’s School. In 2015, he embarked on a transformative journey to Thailand, where he dedicated six years to Buddhist studies, living as a monk. During this period, he furthered his education at Mahachulalongkornraja Vidyalaya University. Having completed his studies and returned to his home country, he is now channeling his experiences and hospitality skills into managing a homestay, offering guests a serene and welcoming environment.

Wangchen Lepcha: Wangchen lived at the Children’s Home from a very young age. After Class 10, he decided to undertake an Automobile Course from Don Bosco, Kalimpong. After completing his course, he secured a job as a junior mechanic at Mahindra Automobile, Siliguri.

Priyanka Lepcha: Priyanka graduated as a successful GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery Course) student in 2020. She lived at the children’s home from a very young age and now works as a CHO (Community Health Officer) at one of the Wellness Centres in Darjeeling. She was trained at North Bengal Medical College for three and a half years and then completed her internship there. Currently, we have seven nursing students sponsored by DCT who are doing extremely well and looking forward to a brighter future.

Sushmita Thami: Sushmita was sponsored by DCT since her school days. After completing her school education, she decided to take up a beautician course. Currently, she is working in Kerala as a beautician after completing her six-month course from Punam Beauty Parlour in Darjeeling.