Volunteer’s Week

In celebration of Volunteer’s Week from 1-7 June we are championing our volunteer Deian Owain, 35, who is currently in Darjeeling! After deciding to take some time out from work and travel to India in April, Deian chose to get involved with our projects having read about Darjeeling Children’s Trust in the travel book Rough Guide.

As part of his generous dedication to volunteer with us for three weeks, Deian has been working at the boys’ orphanage which was completely redeveloped to house 60 boys in 2014 with £60,000 that was raised by the Trust. Deian has been thoroughly enjoying spending time with the children ‘seeing them laugh and have some fun’!

You can read more about the orphanage redevelopment here.

As part of his work at Hope School he has seen first hand how creative and imaginative the amazing teachers are, with limited resources and no technology proving no obstacle in delivering the children great, successful lessons.

Being a small charity gives us the flexibility to meet individual requests from the municipal schools we work with, meaning we are able to prioritise where funds are spent to best benefit the children.

Recently this has ranged from undertaking essential structural repairs to installing safety gates that allow children to play freely, as well as fitting windows and providing the means to harvest fresh water. It was even possible to purchase kit for the football team of Soom Secondary School allowing them to play competitively against other schools.

Whilst travelling, Deian has found that his voluntary work in the Darjeeling projects has helped further his understanding of the culture.

We would like to thank Deian and all the amazing people that have volunteered for Darjeeling Children’s Trust for their time and hard work. Volunteering can be life changing for the people and projects helped as well as for the volunteers themselves!

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