Social Media Volunteer Needed

DCT is looking for a volunteer who will manage our social media posts and schedule regular posts on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You will need to be able to work with our trustees and to write informative posts to engage our supporters. Do you have the skills we need and the time to do this on a regular basis? Here are the details –

What will I be doing?
• Liaise with DCT trustees to gain stories and information about the Trust’s activities
• Plan and deliver engaging and well written social media posts specific to each of our social media platforms
• Develop a relationship with our followers and interact with them
• Develop brand awareness and generate increased awareness of our sites and the activities of the Trust.

What Skills and Experience Do I Need?
• An extensive knowledge of social media and wide experience of using it.
• An understanding and knowledge of how Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work, their different audiences and how to tailor the posts you make to each of these platforms.
• Reliability and the ability to post on each platform at least once a week at the most effective times.
• Able to work independently and develop ideas and suggestions to create fun and engaging social media campaigns
• Able to work co-operatively with DCT trustees
• Have a passion for helping the children of Darjeeling and be fascinated by India

What Darjeeling Children’s Trust will Provide
• A supportive environment with appropriate help from trustees for the role you are carrying out
• The sharing of our aims and stories to underpin the work you do
• The opportunity to travel (at your own expense) to Darjeeling, a special part of India, to meet our trustees and see our projects first hand

Specification for Social Media Volunteer

Application for Social Media Volunteer

Contact us at and we will send you a short questionnaire about your skills.

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