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We have funded a number of essential repairs to school sites and buildings to fix structural problems that were affecting the ability of children to learn and enjoy their time at school.

At Bhanubhakta primary school, we installed a security gate so that the children can play safely outside, and provided an on-site a toilet to prevent them having to leave school in the middle of the day.

At Agam Singh, we provided a water-harvesting tank on the roof so that the children have access to fresh water.

Our most recent project was to install a fence along one side of the playground at Soom Secondary School. This essential safety measure means that children are no longer at risk of falling down the steep drop to one side of the school when they play outside. We have also funded glass for the classroom windows at Soom, and have this year agreed to mend a leaking roof. The school used the small amount of money left over from our donation for the safety fence to buy a kit for the football team; being able to meet this tiny expense now means their team can play competitively against other schools.

We have funds held locally to provide stationery supplies to a number of municipal schools. Our relatively small size means we are able to respond flexibly to individual requests for funding from schools, and the partnerships we have built mean that we are able to target our donations to the most urgent needs.


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