Productive Day Unveils Promising Futures: Selecting DCT’s Sponsored Children for 2024

As we welcome the new year, our Darjeeling team again embarked on their annual day dedicated to conducting interviews for potential candidates applying for the DCT educational sponsorship programme. As the team had already arranged pre-interview conversations with parents and guardians, they arrived equipped with all of the essential details, which helped to ensure that the interview process itself went as smoothly as possible.

Out of the 15 scheduled candidates for sponsorship, 14 turned up to attended the interview sessions, meaning that the team had a productive day of getting to know the children and their families as well as each individual’s circumstances. This involved gathering valuable insights and continuing the tradition of documenting their stories through data and photographs, a practice initiated in the previous year.

The depth of these conversations with both parents and children provided profound insights, shedding light on the unique challenges and aspirations of each family. However, the real challenge emerged in the subsequent task of narrowing down the selection to just 10 candidates from the pool of deserving individuals.

DCT’s commitment to empowering disadvantaged children in Darjeeling does come with its share of difficult decisions, but the promise of a brighter future for the chosen candidates makes the effort totally worthwhile. As we complete this selection process, we are very excited to witness the positive impact that educational sponsorship will have on these promising lives over the coming year and beyond.

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