Our Charity’s Impact in India

Our Charity in India

Our charity, through its UK fundraising, aims to support education and enhance the lives of disadvantaged Indian children.

Here at Darjeeling Children’s Trust, we focus on enabling the best start possible for the children that we work with.

One of our main missions has been to facilitate a superior set of accommodation for looked-after children in Darjeeling. As said by our chairperson, Marilyn Adams, on the completion of the boys’ home in 2014;

The original buildings housing the 60 boys were decaying and cracked and in danger of slipping down the mountain during earth tremors.

A talented project team came together to design and redevelop the boys’ site and, in 2014, with major funding provided by DCT, new dormitories were opened for 6o boys.

It was a wonderful day and one on which the quality of life for those children was immediately improved, which in turn will help them study and achieve more in their lives.

The new building glows yellow, symbolic of peace, on the steep hillside.

The challenge now is to fund similar accommodation for the 45 girls who currently live in damp and cramped conditions.

DCT still needs to raise over £100,000 to achieve this aim – but we will get there!

You can help achieve this aim by donating now!

Our Charity in India

With your support, we can send donations and charity to India, where the much-needed work continues in Darjeeling.

Our children’s home requires urgent building work.

Every penny you donate brings us closer to completion and closer to providing a warm, more comfortable home for the children who need it most.

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Our Charity in India