Nurse Training Update – Alka

Alka is a former orphanage girl who has been supported by DCT for the last couple of years to undergo paramedic training at a hospital in Darjeeling. She has also been helping the Trust by helping monitor the health of the girls in the orphanage and working with Basanti, the qualified health visitor who visits the girls every week. Together they are able to spot any problems early on and ensure that any medication that is needed is bought.

Alka would like to take her training further and is currently applying for a government sponsored nursing course at a hospital in Gyaganga, on the plains about three hours’ travel from Darjeeling. If she is accepted she would train to become a fully qualified nurse. DCT will support Alka to do the course, paying all her expenses including training, books, uniform and hostel fees. Alka has written to say:

“My Nursing Course is for 3 and half year. I will have to sit for the interview at the end of this month (June, 2015). I am eager to undergo this Nursing training for my future as I am to look after my only mother and my younger sister.

I know that this my training fees is so much of expensive and if this training fees makes you so much of expansive then i will try to pay half of money with the help of somewhere and sister this is my last way to be a good nurse and I have not think much than this.”

As you saw Alka has said that she will try to pay half the fees which amount to approximately £5000 over the whole period but realistically she has no hope at all of doing this as her father died last year and she is trying to support both her mother and sister. Luckily Pontefract Rotary have offered to sponsor Alka.

Photo from left: Major Wangdi (Trustee),  Alisha (Alka’s sister), Alka, Marilyn Adams (Chariperson)

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