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KBM’s Diwali: Bhaileni Melodies and Dewsi Vibes

The first night of Diwali sparkled, with our talented girls from KBM Children’s Home leading ‘bhaileni,’ sharing their lovely melodies around the neighbourhood. Bhaileni is a favourite Diwali custom where girls visit neighbours, singing and dancing while offering blessings for prosperity and joy. In return, they get little tokens of appreciation, like sweets and fruits.

As the festive spirit continued, our senior boys stepped into the limelight on the second day of Diwali, celebrating ‘dewsi’ with an amazing rock & roll vibe. During dewsi, boys or young men from the community visit homes, often with traditional musical instruments, and perform lively dances while chanting prayers for prosperity, good health and happiness. The boys carry with them the symbolic light of oil lamps or candles, representing the triumph of light over darkness.

These traditions not only bring the vibrancy of Diwali to life for the children and young people at KBM but also remind us of the cultural richness that makes Darjeeling such a special place. Darjeeling Children’s Trust would like to wish a very happy Diwali to you and all of your loved ones!


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