Kaunas Marathon – Micah Thompson

Micah Thompson, who will be going to Darjeeling this September as a volunteer bravely ran a marathon in scorching sun in Kaunas in Lithuania raising over £342 for the Trust.  He has kindly written a short piece about his experience.


Item 1: Run a marathon. Item 2: Visit India. The first two items on my wildly premature, mid-life crisis bucket list…

Jan 2015, I began training for the Kaunas marathon which was to be later that year in June, Lithuania. 6am, dark, cold; it wasn’t the easiest time of the morning to get motivated for a life event. Lucky for me, my girlfriend and I had booked flights to India around that time as a half-hearted attempt to escape the cold winter blues. Darjeeling was on the list of top places to visit during our stay…

When April came around, I stumbled upon Darjeeling Children’s Trust after researching charities I could both raise money for and visit. I have done very little fundraising in my lifetime so I thought with this one, I would like to see exactly what projects my money would be funding. I was incredibly impressed with the work DCT had been doing for the children of Darjeeling, especially being a relatively small organisation. A child’s education and wellbeing is so important in dictating how their life unfolds at a later age. This is where my affinity with the charity developed and I was soon in touch with Sharan to discuss spending a few days in September visiting Darjeeling and sharing some of my musical knowledge and bad football skills with the kids.

I am happy to say I completed the marathon 14 Jun, in searing East European heat, which was far from easy! It was a great atmosphere, though. The race began in the old town square in Kaunas – very beautiful and energetic space, adorned with all sorts of festival stalls, music stages and of course, the hybrid dance/boxing instructor taking us all through a prerace warm-up with euro pop blasting out the speakers. A military firing of the canon commenced the run and we were off. 42km I was back across the finishing line, ecstatic to have raised the money for DCT, and very much looking forward to a ‘Hesburger’ (Lithuanian equivalent of a McDonald’s).


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