How DCT empowered Ugesh for a better future

Ugesh wedding
We are excited to announce that when former Darjeeling Food and Craft Institute student Ugesh returned to Darjeeling in October 2017 he proposed to his childhood sweetheart and a few weeks later they married in a small ceremony attended by friends and family. Let me tell you Ugesh’s story…

2011 applying for FCI

Back in 2011, Ugesh asked DCT for sponsorship to enable him to become a student at the Darjeeling Food and Craft Institute. When we first met him he was unemployed despite having completed his 10+2 exams which are equivalent to the UK’s A-levels.

His father was an ex-serviceman with no other income apart from his small army pension and his mother a housewife. In the late summer/autumn of 2011 the family had experienced a calamity when the heavy monsoon rains caused a landslip in Darjeeling and their home together with all their possessions were washed away.

With support from DCT, Ugesh completed the FCI course and after working for a short time in India he was offered a job in the middle east with an initial contract of 2 years.

Darjeeling Children's Trust Trustees with Ugesh Thapa By chance, DCT trustees met him on his return to Darjeeling for a holiday in 2016. He told us that he was in charge of food production in a company that provided food in the canteens of teams of workers in the desert. He looked a confident and successful young man.

There is no doubt that without the support of DCT Ugesh would have been unable to fulfil any of the potential he clearly has and would have almost certainly been in a low paid job with few prospects. Instead he has been able to buy a small plot of land in Darjeeling and build a house for himself and his new wife. Without DCT and the support given by trustees and donors, the lives of Ugesh and his wife, and the lives of the children they may one day have, would have been so much poorer.

Thank you to all our supporters for making a difference to the lives of these two young people.

Marilyn Adams
Darjeeling Children’s Trust

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